The 1994 Urban Pacific classic compilation, conceived and produced by Alan Jansson, featuring Otara Millionaires Club, Semi MCs and Sisters Underground. Remastered and extended with a side of 12" mixes and issued on vinyl for the very first time in May 2023. Huh204.



The 2022 digital reissue of the Others Requiem album SOMETHING-error-hAPPENS. Produced by Alan Jansson.  Released in 2007 on our Joy label via Sony, after terrific reviews and promises of big things by Sony it was lost when they literally seemed to have no idea what to do with alt hip-hop. A truly great lost record.



Body Electric

The remastered edition of The Body Electric's 1983 album Presentation And Reality, released on vinyl as a double with the original 1982 The Body Electric EP. Remastered by Alan Jansson and Garry Smith and issued on April 2 , 2022. On limited edition Blue and yellow vinyl plus unlimited black.



The Techtones digital reissue of their 1981 classic TT23. Remastered by Chris Burt and released on August 25, 2020 along with all the singles.



AK79 reissue

The 2019 40th anniversary reissue of AK79, released on Ripper Records on double vinyl, CD and limited edition ruby red double vinyl in December 2019.



Shift Left reissue

The 25th Anniversay reissue of Nathan Haines' landmark album Shift Left. Remixed from the original tapes by Nathan and Alan Jansson and reissued on double vinyl and CD on April 12, 2019.



How Bizarre, the book

How Bizarre is my first book. It tells the story of the record I released in 1995, the journey it and the people who created it undertook, taking in the good, the great and the inevitably sad. It is – for want of a better phrase – my way of documenting the very surreal road trip we found ourselves caught up in some twenty years back. How Bizarre was published by Awa Press on August 23, 2015.



This site is a work in progress, and the progress is best described as hesitant and stumbling as parts of the site are now over a decade old and desparately in need of a radical upgrade. It started life as a way of getting all my various labels, clubs and the things I've worked on over the years into one place, and that it's done.




Slowly, in my amateur way, I'll upgrade.




Now its developed another life, as I attempt to add various bits and pieces which relate the the NZ music industry and other things I've been involved with over the years. Hence, you'll find a series of discographies of other NZ labels, such as the hugely important Zodiac, Ripper, and Pagan. Much of this work has now been transferred to my recent project, AudioCulture. There are also bios of various bands, and a story or two about the punk days in Auckland, of which, more to come when I get a moment.




I also have a photographic site, The Opinionated Diner, and my wonderful wife, Brigid, has a design business at Hemisphere Design.